This days as global COVID-19 quarantine rise more and more patients turn to telemedicine.

Telemedicine or Telehealth is growing rapidly in recent years and this is mostly because new technology allows more and more specific medical service without visiting your doctors office.

This specific field and also business was expected to grow rapidly during next years especially with implementation of 5G networks around world. 1ms ping in 5G network will allow not just tele-call to your doctor but very sophisticated tests , analysis and even real time remote surgeries to be perform.

As technology will grow , different new generations of monitoring sensors , tests and equipment will allow telemedicine to be the key figure in the future of our new health system. New hardware and software integrated with 5g and block-chain technology will change very aspects of medical habits of today.

This days situation of COVID-19 make pressure on today telemedicine companies who report massive increase in patients asking for their services. According to J.D.Power survey from July 2019 only around 10% of US citizens have use this service last year , mostly younger patients from city areas, but now all Telemedicine companies report massive increase in calls . According to chief executive officer of San Francisco-based Doctor on Demand Inc. only about a third of current inquiries are related to COVID-19. The rest of the patients that are calling seeking help for other health issues.

If we know that USA is leader in telemedicine practice easily we can conclude that telemedicine is not really ready to be put in such big fire but scientists and business agrees that under this pressure we will learn lots of new stuff and all this experience can help telemedicine to be integrated part of our new 21 century health systems, not just in US but in whole world much sooner than we thought before.

I personally think that real people show the word many times in our collective history, that no matter how bad the crisis is, we will go out stronger and better, and every time when we think positive, collaborate and share our knowledge, good results are eminent.